Founders Moving & Storage is a family owned private company. Founders Moving was founded by Marx Engelhorn in 1973. Our direct Great Grandfathers founded / settled most of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Nova Scotia. Here is a list of some of our great grand fathers….


1620 Ship Mayflower
Stephen Hopkins – Mayflower
William Bradford – Mayflower
William Brewster – Mayflower
James Chilton – Mayflower
Thomas Rogers – Mayflower
Francis Cooke – Mayflower
Edward Doty – Mayflower
John Howland – Mayflower
Richard Warren – Mayflower

1621 Ship Fortune
William Bassett – Fortune
Stephen Deane – Fortune
Robert Hicks – Fortune
Thomas Prence – Fortune
John Winslow – Fortune
William Wright – Fortune

1623 Ship Anne & Little James
Edward Bangs – Anne
Robert Bartlett – Anne
John Faunce – Anne
Robert Long – Anne
George Morton – Anne
John Oldham – Anne
Nicholas Snow – Anne

GGF / Area Founded – Settled / Date arrived in Colony

Thomas Burnham – Founded South Windsor / East Hartford 1635
Henry Whitfield – Founded Guilford / Oldest CT House
William Leete – Gov. Colony of Connecticut 1639
John Mason – Maj. Colonial Militia
Francis Bushnell – Founded Guilford
Richard Risley – Hartford Founder
John Bidwell – Hartford Founder
Richard Lyman – Hartford Founder
George Hubbard – Hartford Founder
Edward Stebbins – Hartford Founder
Jeremy Adams – Hartford/Colchester Founder
William Hills – Hartford Founder
Ralph Smith – Founded Hingham, MA
John Doane – Founded Eastham, MA
Richard Butler – Hartford Founder
William Nickerson – Founded Chatham, MA
Francis Small – Maine Founder
William Leete – Gov. Colony of New Haven
John Oldham – Founded Wethersfield
Nathaniel Foote – Founded Wethersfield
Thomas Fitch – Founded Norwalk
Samuel Gaines – Founded Haddam
Samuel Butler – Founded Haddam
Edmund Hobart – Founder Hingham, MA
Henry Sherburne – Portsmouth, NH Founder
George Hubbard – Founded Middletown
Thomas Miller – Founded Middletown
John Blake – Founded Middletown
John Bishop – Founded Guilford
Richard Seymour – Hartford Founder

French and Indian War
Nathan Dickinson
David Dickinson
William Bradford
Richard Keeney
Ephraim Cook
Ebenezer Hills
Samuel Stow
Elijah Hurlbutt

Revolutionary War
Lazarus House – 6th Reg. 6th Comm. (6th GGF)
William House – 6th Reg. 6th Comm. (7th GGF)
Stallworthy Waters – Rank Major, 2nd Batt. (6th GGF)
Israel Higgins – Capt. Elijah Robin’s Comp. (6th GGF)
Samuel Pierson – Rank LT. (Met George Washington) (5th GGF)
Ephriam Pearson – Lexington Alarm. 19th Reg. (6th GGF)
Eleazer Hutchinson – Captain (6th GGF)
George Hubbard – Capt. Connecticut Militia (8th GGF)

American Civil War
Urbane House
Henry Higgins

Our Direct Lines to Royalty
Sir Samuel Appleton – Royalty
Sir Renald Fernald – Royalty
Sir Samuel Wright – Gentry
Sir Henry Sherburne – Royalty
Sir John Warburton – Royalty
Sir Richarde Waterhouse – Royalty
Sir Charles Barnes – Royalty

World War 1
Frederick Engelhorn
Erwin Islieb
Jacobus Roche
Arthur Forbes (Canada)

Our Family Tree on Ancestry…







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